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Different types of websites

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1. Corporate Websites

A company’s website is a website dedicated to promoting the business of a specific company. The website of a company represents the company’s brand and promote the products or services that the company is providing. Your potential customer can easily access you from Google when they are looking for related products and services. It also makes your company looks more professional and legitimate. The e-commerce website is also a kind of business websites, but it is possible to create a website for the company that does not sell anything directly but encourage other visitors to contact you for more information or to promote a physical store.

2. E-commerce Websites

An E-commerce website is like an online shop, where you can display your products and services and your customers can order goods and make payments online. The e-commerce business has a lot of potentials and you can generate a lot of revenue out of it. In the US, eCommerce makes up an increasing sales’ portion. If you want to sell your services or products online, then you should build an e-commerce website. E-commerce is one of the most profitable websites that you can make to do online business. Building an e-commerce site, you have to keep in mind some crucial things such as getting your SSL certificate and investing in eCommerce software to guarantee secure payment to customers.

3. Blog Websites

Undoubtedly, starting a blogging website is one of the most famous ventures out there. If you think, you can write quality and engaging content for the audience then blogging is the best website ideas to make money. In your blogs, you can write about anything that seems interesting to you. There is no surprise that blogs are the most common types of website available that is simple to manage and can really boost your income. Initially, you have to invest a lot of time to engage people online, but once you have built your audience, you can monetize your website. There are many ways you can monetize your blog, and it can quickly grow based on the quality and quantity of content you are producing. Make sure your content its SEO friendly, to make it more visible on the search engine.

4. Portfolio Websites

We all need a place to display our work and career accomplishments. On your WordPress site, you can easily add your portfolio with beautiful sliders, and spectacular image galleries. WordPress can be used to offer a polished and sleek user experience for portfolio website that can be browsed easily and employers can find your work. Like a physical portfolio, these websites are used to promote and display the previous work experience. Mainly used by those in the business sector, a portfolio site is like your CV, in which, you have to demonstrate your skills to impress future employers, clients, or customers.

5. Resume Websites

A CV website (also known in North America as a resumé web site) is a simpler website serving to represent the professional life of an individual by illustrating his or her employment history and qualifications. Not everyone works in creative fields that allow for their work to be displayed in a portfolio.

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